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    Impact of CSR on Employee Engagement

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement are two of the most discussed issues in the business world today. Companies are facing a lot of pressure from stakeholders to operate in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner. Aon consulting survey has shown that 44% of young professionals said they would discount an employer with a bad reputation and nearly half said corporate social responsibility policies should be compulsory. 80% of respondents would prefer working for a company that has a good reputation for environmental responsibility. CSR is the third most important driver of employee engagement overall, and an organization’s reputation for social responsibility is an important driver for both engagement and retention.

    Are companies actually seeing high engagement with their CSR activities?

    Let's examine the reasons why companies might not actually be seeing high participation ion their CSR programs from their employees and therefore not leveraging their CSR programs to increase employee engagement effectively.