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  • Leveraging digital social engagement to accelerate product development

    What is digital social engagement?

    Digital Social Engagement is engaging stakeholders through non-traditional ways - through digital channels, encouraging social interactions and non-hierarchical communication between across the team and engaging them in activities.

    How did digital social engagement improve the productivity of the global teams?

    With Zinda's dispersed global teams, it was a challenge to get everyone on the same page and keep people informed on what is the latest news in the company. It was also important to get feedback from various stakeholders on the features of the product, identify and solve technical issues immediately and test out the usability and user experience within the short time frame of a sprint.

    Zinda used the 'Eating our own dogfood approach' to engaging employees across the world to get feedback, keep everyone informed, identify problem areas and get solutions faster. Not only did the company use Journey to keep everyone informed and had its pulse on the organization, it also gave the ability for globally dispersed team members to keep connected with the latest of what was going on in the company. Zinda was also able to run campaigns and contest to not only engage its team but also to use this as a mechanism to get feedback on the product within a very short timeframe, thus accelerating its product development.