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  • Journyz was born to help solve a significant unmet need at virtually every company

    Just about every company grapples with how to maximize the collective potential of its workforce through more effective engagement – both in day-to-day work productivity, and morale.

    In our years of experience as leaders of people and business units at U.S. and global companies – both large and small – we’ve seen this missed opportunity play out time and again. Even when companies offer inspiring, bold vision statements and missions, the full potential of their employees to connect with and deliver on those promises often falls short.


    Because most employees rarely see or feel how their individual contributions are making a meaningful difference in helping the company reach its goals. There’s no means to tie their actions together at a department or company-wide level – or to measure and recognize their collective success.

    Attain new heights with Journyz

    We created Zinda’s Journyz platform to inspire and sustain engagement at an individual and company-wide level. We’re here to help you spark and unlock the tremendous potential that exists in all of your employees to fully deliver on your vision, and help make communities you serve grow stronger and safer.

    Our extensive backgrounds in technology and managing teams spurred us to build our Journyz platform to be a seamless, intuitive solution to help companies solve their employee engagement challenges. It employs compelling gamification, a full suite of powerful analytics to help track employee actions and a unique AI first approach to drive behaviors that lead to major outcomes.

    We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how Journyz can help you create and sustain inspired and incredibly productive communities of employees across your organization and beyond.