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    Our vision for Zinda’s Journyz platform is to help organizations positively evolve their cultures to the point where every employee feels connected to their larger purpose, is motivated to elevate their contribution, and ultimately grows to love their job.

    We welcome the chance to partner with innovative organizations in this space that focus on bold new solutions to help companies improve their performance when it comes to hiring, retaining, engaging and developing their employees.

    If that describes what your company does, and you like the sound of our approach, please drop us a note at ask@journyz.com. Let’s discuss ways our Journyz platform can help scale your efforts – or vice versa – to drive transformational change for our clients!

    We are excited to work with these partners! Check out the ways in which they are changing the landscape of our workplaces


    Measure, Analyze, Improve and Grow your employee experience

    Think of it as a quick way of understanding just how you are doing as a company. The Holistic Employee Engagement Index is a score that your company will receive that will measure where you are at any given point in time. This will allow you to baseline your efforts, compare against competitors, communicate with your employees (and potential employees) and measure your progress. The Holistic Index is measured using a variety of factors and an analysis of your corporate DNA, performance results, demographic information, payroll data, and intensive surveys. Our proprietary algorithm and technology solutions produce a score that provides an instantaneous look at your company's well-being in every area and a reflection of your overall chances for future success. This score, and the associated measurements and reports that support it, are essential for benchmarking your company against competitors, tracking progress, attracting and retaining talented employees, and testing new approaches to see if they are working. Our focus is on creating a meaningful, transparent portal that allows employers and employees to communicate clearly and work together for better collective outcomes and more success.

    Humanity Rising

    What cause inspires you?

    Humanity Rising is a movement to create a better world through service. At Humanity Rising, we: Help students find their service passion Award college scholarships for outstanding service Building leadership skills to help students achieve their fullest potential Provide a platform for students to share their voice, inspiring their peers in communities across the country to find their own service passion Make it easy for everyone to help inspire the next generation of leaders and social innovators.

    Madsen-Archer consulting

    Attracting, engaging and growing talent

    MadsenArcher will partner with you and... Take the mystery out of attracting talent! Engage talent who have the knowledge, skills and ability to execute your strategy! Assure your people are productive, feel appreciated and are committed to your organization as a place where they can grow their career!