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  • Top 10 Employee Appreciation Day ideas during COVID Times

    Employee appreciation day is March 5th. This year is not typical for most companies - so employee appreciation ideas have to be a little untypical as well.  If you want to spend money on employees, go ahead, they deserve it! But here are some simple fun ways to show appreciation for your employees without spending a dime!

    1. Zoom Off: Video conferencing has helped companies keep their productivity and connectivity up, but Zoom fatigue is a thing. On employee appreciation day, make it a MEETING FREE DAY if possible; if that is not possible, at least remove discretionary meetings
    2. Make it fun to video: Remember the 'I am not a cat video?' How about for all meetings for the day encourage everyone to have their favorite filters on? That will be a great way to ramp up the fun! It's is hard to have a stressful conversation when you are talking to a cat!
    3. 'I overcame' shares: Encourage your employees to post pictures and videos of how they have to overcome at home to get a full day's work done on 'Internal Social Media'. Make it fun by adding voting to it and declaring a winner based on votes.
    4. Recognition: Create fun awards Encourage employees to nominate each other for the awards. Awards can be granted based on voting
    5. An early start to the weekend: As always employees appreciate being given the option to leave and start their weekend early if possible for their job types
    6. Thank-you Notes: Managers and/or peers sending thank you notes is a great way to show appreciation to each other and to your staff
    7. Fun open surveys: Ask your employees fun questions to answer in your Internal Social Media where everyone can see and comment on each other's answers. This will create a sense of camaraderie and community
    8. Do a work-from-home survey: Get a pulse check on people's situation and give them the opportunity to provide their feedback
    9. Implement one feedback and celebrate it: If you have already done surveys and gotten feedback from employees, implement ONE thing that came up in the surveys and let everyone know in your Internal Social Media.
    10. Videos from leadership: Create one-minute videos from leadership to their employees on why they appreciate them. Try to make it fun, relevant and topical.