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  • The science of emoticons- An easy way for a pulse check

    If I ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is the pandemic situation for you, what would your answer be? Honestly, even for people that are facing the exact same situations, the number would be totally different.
    This is where a simple tool comes in. The beauty and versatility of the tool are in its simplicity and it helps with two core aspects.

    1 – Personalized assessment of emotions.

    2- Proactive management of issues.

    The assessment is purely relative and personal. One person's '3' could be another person’s '5'. Depending on the day of the week and what else happened on a particular day the same pain might look like a 6 today and a 4 tomorrow. 2 might be perfectly acceptable for someone as a norm, whereas some people need it to be less than 1 to feel normal. The feeling would keep changing depending on what time of the day you check. For a standardized tool, it is really personal in how it lets individuals express their emotions.
    The second part is the usage of this emotional assessment to do proactive management of one’s health. This is a way to have a steady hand in turbulent times especially during a health crisis. It’s crucial to behave situational awareness of what you are going through and be able to find some semblance of normalcy by yourself or with the help of people around you.
    These are the insights we brought back in the Journyz software.
    Using engagement surveys at these times is a little outdated and stale. What do you even compare it to? The times before COVID?

    Organizations don’t have it easy these days.

    COVID has completely changed the way they operate, they deal with their people and processes. What 'is' meant isn't the same between 2019 and 2020.

    That is why we created the WFH CONFIDENTIAL survey as a simple way to understand how people feel as their life circumstances change, as children go to school, as seasons change, as project deliverables heat up.
















    Having the ability to see how your teams are doing on a regular basis is very critical to ensuring that they have everything they need to be successful. And if they are able to say that using emoticons, it takes the stress and complexity out of the feedback process.















    This a sample of the playbooks we have created to create a productive and engaged remote workforce. There are also contests, challenges, social shares to name a few.

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