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  • Save Your Employees from the June Rush


    June is that time of the year where the whole office is in a rush. To beat the workload this month, you need the help of some successful employee engagement programs.

    Here's a list of some of the great days in June, and how you can use these as an opportunity for your teams to Act As One.

    3rd June - Thank God it’s Monday Day

    Have a contest with your team on why they are happy that its Monday. What do they like about their jobs? And develop ways to beat the Monday blues.

    3rd June - National Leave the Office Early Day

    Let your folks leave a little early, even if it is by 30 minutes, they will appreciate it.

    5th June - World Environment Day

    Its a good day to take the team out for an outing or volunteering  to the nature preserve. Encourage them to plant trees, and discuss about their commitment to the environment.

    5th June - Hot Air Balloon Day

    Fun competition ‘Which of our processes are full of hot air?’ A rather fun way to get your folks to talk about processes that are not working.

    5th June - National Attitude Day

    Have a peer recognition day to recognize a peer with the most positive attitude, pitch in a gift card as an award.

    6th June - National Gardening Exercise Day

    Start a team garden at your workplace as a team bonding exercise.

    6th June - Hunger Awareness Day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    Do a team outing to volunteer at a soup kitchen.

    7th June - National Chocolate Ice-cream Day or Donut Day

    Surprise your team with ice-cream/ donuts and thank them for a great job!

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    13th June - National Random Acts of Light Day

    Ask your employees to do a random act of light and share it with everyone.

    16th June - Father’s Day

    Encourage your employees to talk about their father and why he inspires them, or ask them to send them a token of love for their love and guidance.

    18th June - Picnic Day

    Take your teams on a picnic on this day.

    20th June Ice-cream Soda Day

    Treat your employees with a cool, frothy ice cream soda this summer!

    20th June - Productivity Day

    Give a challenge to your teams to come up with an idea to increase their productivity. The best idea wins a prize!

    21st June - Take Your Dog to Work Day

    Allow your employees to bring their dogs to work this Friday, and have some fun!

    29th June - National Camera Day

    Have your employees click pictures of each other on their commute, during lunch hours and randomly. The best photographer wins!

    So that was our round-up of all the fun days in June. You can choose to do as many as you like, and engage your employees through the month. And even if you decided to do all of them, the Journyz platform lets you do that in simple ways.

    Hope you have fun planning these days. And let us know in the comments below, how that goes.

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