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  • Newyear's resolutions from my grandfather's letter

    My grandfather was an entrepreneur. So was his father. Actually pretty much my entire family on my mother's side were watch and jewelry business people. So it was only natural that after my stint in corporate America it was time for me to flex my entrepreneurship muscles a couple of years ago. I was thinking through my new year's resolutions in my personal and business life, my mind kept going back to the one and only letter I got from my grandfather when I was probably twelve or thirteen. Probably the only letter he has written to any of his grandchildren.

    It was addressed to Baby Deepa Kartha and I could have sworn that our mailman was laughing at me when he delivered it. After getting over the embarrassment of how I was addressed, I read it fast. It said something like this :

    • I know you enjoy candy and chocolates but try to eat fruits - like apples and oranges
    • I know you get money from your relatives - don't spend it all, try to save it
    • I know you like reading books - read more

    All those years ago, I remember thinking 'duh' or the equivalent of it then and casting that letter away. The thought of the letter did come back to me several times, mainly to wonder why the heck did he write that letter to me as we were not particularly close. After experiencing my first years of entrepreneurship and going through the ups and downs of it, now I know that the letter was intended for the present me as much as the old me - from one entrepreneur to another. And the advice is right on.

    • Take care of yourself. Your mental and physical health is critical to your entrepreneurship success

    • Focus on your financials- without that, there is no business

    • Keep learning and evolving, to continue growing

    So that is it, those are my new year resolutions for 2018. From my grandfather’s letter from all those years ago. If you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or wannabe entrepreneur, check out other articles on my experiences with entrepreneurship below: