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  • May the Force Be With You: Up Your Engagement Game


    May is a good time to renew your attention to your teams and get them aligned through various methods of employee engagement. Have them celebrate their work, and create excitement for upcoming opportunities!

    We have put together a list of some of the great days in May, and how you can use these as an opportunity for your teams to Act As One.

    10th May - Small Business Day

    Celebrate your small business customers. Post a thank you note on your social media accounts, along with a note of how hard your team works alongside your small businesses, to play a part in their success.

    Just for Fun

    4th May - Star Wars Day

    Invite the fans in your team to bring in their Star Wars memorabilia. Have Star Wars themed messages and meeting names for today!

    7th May - No Homework Day

    Remind your employees to reach out to their kids teachers and request for no homework that day. And urge them to get out of the office early and not take any work home that day. That should help them spend some quality time with the kids.

    9th May - Lost Sock Memorial Day

    Time to wear odd socks! Encourage your team to wear odd coloured socks in honor of lost socks.

    12th May - Mother’s Day

    Surprise your employees by inviting them to bring their mothers to the office and show them what they do over there. For team members whose mothers are in a different city, set aside a time where employees can arrange video calls and have their mothers meet the rest of the team.

    24th May - Wig Out and Tiara Day

    Wigs are not just for Halloween. Invite your teams to wear their best wigs and tiaras to office just for some fun.

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    A Fun way of Learning

    21st May - Dinosaur Day

    This one could be a really productive day. Encourage your team to come up with ideas on the most ‘dinosaur like’ process or systems you currently have, and how they should be retired.

    22nd May - Sherlock Holmes Day

    Use this day as an opportunity to unearth clues about your team members. Make a board with all the team member’s photos and include one unknown personality trait about them. Make them feel understood!

    Health Initiatives

    13th May - Women's Checkup Day

    Bring health care professionals into work for a free check-up. That can be for all employees, not just the women. But the women in your team should receive consultation on specific health challenges they might be facing, and tips for increasing wellness.

    15th May - Day of Families

    Encourage people to leave on time, and spend the rest of the day with their family!

    17th May - Bike to Work Day

    Encourage people to walk/bike to work and take walks around during lunch time. Ask them to post photographs as well.

    Care for Community

    4th May - Anti-bullying Day

    Support anti-bullying causes. Work with nonprofits focused on anti-bullying, and encourage team members to participate.

    9th May -  Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

    Bring in speakers who can talk about it, and address queries of employees for their kids.

    10th May - Clean Up Your Room Day

    Declare a meeting free hour where people can instead clean up their desks!

    16th May - Wear Purple for Peace Day

    Invite people to wear shades of purple, to show their care for the community this day. You could also team up with organizations that work with disadvantaged communities, and have teams volunteer time in helping them.

    27th May - Memorial Day

    Make this day meaningful by appreciating and recognising employees for their hard work. Invite them to share stories of their family member, friend, neighbour or colleague who had served in the military.

    So that was our round-up of all the fun days in May. You can choose to do as many as you like, and engage your employees through the month. And even if you decided to do all of them, the Journyz platform lets you do that in simple ways.

    Hope you have fun planning these days. And let us know in the comments below, how that goes.

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