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  • From Virtue Signalling to Reality

     virtue signaling

    1. the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue.
      On International Women’s Day, several organizations have chosen to take the #ChooseToChallenge to give attention to the many inequalities facing women even in this day and age and a taking a stand against the status quo.


    Now, we have seen several powerful pictures from individuals and organizations about the #ChooseToChallenge for 2021. While this is a great start, this is indeed only a start. For #ChooseToChallenge to actually make a difference,

    >The words and the pictures have to be followed by discussions

    >These discussions have to be followed by actions

    >These actions have to be followed by results

    >These results need to be visible to everyone 

    This is how #ChooseToChallenge can go from " virtue signaling” to reality.


    How do we do that? How do we actually go from words to actions? This is how Journyz enables organizations to get from vision to reality?


    1.  Invite everyone to post their #ChooseToChallenge topic in your Internet and social media space in Journyz. Invite everybody to post their #ChooseToChallenge subjects. Invite everyone in the organization to like and comment on challenges that they like. A big part of making the challenge successful is making it inclusive of everyone in the organization including allies. You can use gamification techniques to create a team-level competition to get maximum participation. 
    2. While encouraging everybody to do their own ChooseToChallenge ideas, encourage a company-wide vote for the challenges the organization can adopt. 
    3. Next, select the first two or first three items that were voted by everyone and declare that as the organizations choose to challenge items for 2021
    4. Next, get everybody in the organization to rally around addressing these challenges at the organizational level. Ask for ideas from everyone as to how to address these challenges. These could be related to HR, compensation, business processes, marketing. While getting ideas from everybody on how to address these challenges also ask them to indicate what the impacts of addressing these challenges are. This could be one-month long camping that you run that involves the entire organization
    5. Next, you would actually start a dashboard of these activities getting implemented within the organization this could involve implementing these changes as well as conversations around the impact of implementing these changes
    6. End of every quarter or annually you can celebrate the actual changes that were implemented in the organization as well as in the communities that the organization serves.  Celebrate with your employees, investors, shareholders and the community.


    Now you have gone from virtue signaling at the beginning of the year to 

    • Engaging your employees

    • Making micro and macro changes

    • Celebrating the wins 

    • Impacting your employees and the communities in which you serve and 

    Truly making an impact the way you signaled that you would!! Check out our article on 13 Ways to create a great inclusive environment @ work.