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    If there is one thing that we have to adapt to during the pandemic is the work-from-home lifestyle. Every employee out there is now in the remote work mode as they conform to the health protocols. Since then, it has been challenging for employees to adjust to the remote work setting. Chief executives also find it difficult to manage employees virtually. Today, chief executives are looking for a business solution that would ease those challenges. 


    Read on to learn more about the following: 


    • Challenges facing the leadership department in every organization;
    • Ways remote collaborative tools can help them; and,
    • A look into Journyz’s configurations and features that helps to improve engagement and productivity. 


    Challenges CXOs face today.


    Adjusting to the virtual workplace is just as challenging to CEOs or anyone who is holding a leadership role. They have no choice but to adapt to the current situation. Here, we listed three main challenges they face: 


    Aligning everyone around initiatives


    Unlike in the on-site setting, it has been more challenging for the leadership team to reiterate the importance of the company’s mission and vision. Hence, it is essential to align everyone around the organization’s initiatives to ensure everyone is on the same page. 


    Organizing activities across the organization


    CEOs or anyone in the management team must have activities to keep employees engaged. However, that is a challenge now; some or not all are at home working. 


    Collecting information from employees


    Communication is the key to every employee engagement. A small problem in communicating with your employees can stall the business and its productivity. If there is one thing that CEOs must learn, find ways to collect relevant information in a virtual setting. 


    As employees are working from home, it became hard for CEOs to manage. In an on-site setting, an employee can be just a tap away. In a virtual workplace, they have to wait for the employee’s response that may come late. 


    Ways remote collaboration tools can help CXOs


    Though we are in a virtual setting, it is still possible to collaborate with your team effectively and efficiently, as in the on-site location. That is why remote collaboration tools are helpful to CXOs because they can help in teh following areas: 


    1. Tracks goals and initiatives. Goal management is a must for every CEO. It may be for individuals, teams, or the entire organization; remote collaboration tools can help track goal achievements and various KPIs to indicate performance. 
    2. Communicating process changes made real-time. You can create a virtual, collaborative workspace for your team so that you can share news and updates across the organization. It can also help communicate to a specific employee or a team directly through direct messages and group conversations.  
    3. Collaboration made easy. The best thing about remote collaboration tools is its functionalities make them easier to collaborate. You can see feedback from your employees in real-time and also navigate to where you are in the tasks you assigned to the team. You can also have secure document and file sharing, real-time. 
    4. It promotes employee engagement.  Employees care about employee engagement, even in the virtual setting. And so do CXOs. They care because they know the importance of employee engagement in an organization. Through collaboration tools, CEOs can communicate with their employees and conduct meetings and check-ins to see how they are doing. Online collaboration tools also help create a work environment where employees feel like their input is valued regardless of their role. With that, giving feedback is encouraged in the workplace. 
    5. Being updated on the trends and accomplishments of the team. The best thing about this innovation is that the updates and communications in real-time. It means you can see your employees’ achievements now and then. 
    6. Community building amongst employees. Employees and CEOs can create a workplace culture that matters to both of them. Adapting to new software signals to employees that leadership management is ready to support them with the tools to thrive in their role. This step creates a synergy and collaboration in the organization that fosters support. 


    How is Journyz different?


    Playbooks and templates addressing your needs Journyz come with over 70 playbook templates to help you manage your employees and the organization's needs. 


    Customization feature, fit for you and your team


    You can customize different features in Journyz that fits your team. Every organization has unique needs, and so are your employees. You can customize your communication channels and goal tracker according to the specifications you want to impose. 


    Gamification and AI to get your team performing 


    Work can be a fun play, not a dull setting. Why not leverage and take advantage of your team’s skills by creating a competitive design called gamification. Game design expert Jan McGonigal expresses that applying gamification to team efforts and tasks can be used in every organization. Games capture and channel human attention.


    Gamification can create an exciting workspace for all the employees as they are connected to playful activities to share their work goals. It is a cost-effective way to boost productivity and morale among the team.  

    Journyz’s configurations 


    The following Journyz configurations help attain employee engagement and productivity: 


    Design playbook 


    With the importance of the goal, management comes to play; defining your employees' objectives will be integral to your organization. The design playbook will help you define goals and identify stakeholders in the organization. You will also be able to strategize on ways to achieve your goals. 


    Managers can also update employees on any changes in processes through the changes management feature. 


    With program management, you will be able to manage tasks and milestones for your employees. You will come to know the status of the functions for updates and identify issues and risks associated with each team or department's workflows. 


    Execute plays


    Collaborate with each department or employee in easy-to-use tasks and project management features. You will have a smooth-flowing workflow and real-time project and task conversations to keep a real-time update. File sharing is also possible and protected on this platform. You will be able to keep track of each project and task as you will be creating checklists. 


    Leader-team interaction is possible as Journyz will be an easy collaboration tool that emphasizes employee engagement. You can apply the gamification concept to tasks and ideas. Aside from that, you can also conduct an open and confidential survey for better feedback. 


    Review and Iterate


    Know the department results and trends through the dashboards provided by Journyz. YOu can also list pipelines and accomplishments to recognize team effort. 


    You can have to build a healthy work environment even in a virtual setting by building a community among your organization's employees. Share best practices and success stories to inspire other members to work harder and achieve their goals. Have a healthy conversation with each other, either it is work-related or just life outside work.  


    Why investing in remote collaboration tools like Journyz is smart?


    Journyz is unlike any other remote collaboration tools out there. It is an intersection of execution, strategy, and culture that brings employees together and ensures that employees can execute the processes consistently. 


    You can avail this all-in-one digital platform that brings your team’s daily processes and communication together. Click here to sign up for a free trial