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  • How do you realize the value of high employee engagement?



    Despite these and numerous articles on why employee engagement is crucial to productivity, the reality with most business leaders is different.

    Most Business Leaders consider engagement a nice-to-have,
    not a business critical item

    This is because even though everyone understands the theory and important of engagement, the actual benefits or ROI of employee engagement is typically not measured or experienced in companies.But if you ask HR leaders everyone is unanimous that employee engagement is critical to the business success!


    WHY is employee engagement important for HR but not as much for business leaders?


    Because it’s not perceived as an impact-creator within the organization. You need to dedicate time and resources to generate engagement, but there’s no tangible ROI. Unlike sales or marketing or strategy divisions that bring in revenues, there is no measurable benefit to showcase for employee engagement.


    What if we can show the actual business benefit of engaged employees?


    What if you could actually see employee engagement ROI, tangibly measure how it drives the sales, marketing, and other teams to perform better?
    What if engagement is not something you measure after the fact? Instead you 'engage' your teams daily?
    What if you are able to engage your teams toward your business goals?
    What is engagement is the differentiator for your organization?


    The best companies in the world have already figured out how to turn engaged employees as their competitive advantage


    Clients don't come first. Employees come first. If you take care of the employees they will take care of the clients

    -Sir Richard Branson

    Journyz has solved for that!


    Journyz does not consider engagement as 'separate' from daily to day business activity


    While the managers and team leads at your organization might know that employee engagement can improve productivity and results, it’s mostly something intangible to them. They are not sure how exactly to create that engagement and leverage it to get actual, measurable results. And that’s where Journyz changes the game.

    The most important thing that a company can engage it's employees towards is work itself. When you measure engagement as a stand-alone, after-the-fact measurement, there is no connectivity between engagement and business results.
    Journyz starts with the premise of engaging teams to Act As One.

    Leveraging Employee Engagement to Drive Business Results

    Here’s how:


    People: Engaging Employees to Act As One


    Journyz provides a platform to bring an entire team on the same page. Whether the goal is increasing performance for the sales team, or encouraging new ideas in the strategy team, or enabling quick feedback and iterations for the product team - Journyz can be customized to handle it all.


    With Journyz, you have a tool that does not limit the different teams, or impose a new system on them. Rather, you give them a tool that actually works exactly how they want it to work. Different playbooks can be set up to rally people around different kinds of goals, based on what the team needs.

    However, no one goes “Ugh...not another new process to learn!”. That’s because Journyz taps into habits and actions that people are already familiar with - posting updates, competing with peers, keeping scores,etc. So it’s actually all familiar and fun for the employees, but in a manner that actually drives productive action.


    Processes: Focus on Leading Measures to Drive Results


    The typical employee engagement survey result is a numerical value that says “this is how things are.” But there’s hardly ever any initiative to move towards “how things should be”.

    So while HR prepares all the reports on current results, there’s nothing more that can be done about it. And they have no control over setting the goal for ‘desired results’ in the future.

    However, with Journyz, you have a tool that will help different departments drive their teams towards desired results. While a big end-goal is great, focussing on what teams have to do to achieve that is what drives productive action. And Journyz can help set up those processes, in an easy yet flexible manner.

    For example - if Sales defines the goal as 25 million USD in revenue, Journyz can help sales teams define a set of smaller, actionable steps that will lead towards those goals. This could be journyz like “Sales Accountability and Tracking”.


    Example of a Sales team process




    Technology: Drive Engagement through Small Daily Actions


    Most teams have well-documented processes that help ensure consistent productivity. But these can drive performance only when employees consistently adhere to these processes. And in the absence of any defined incentives, most teams are unable to maintain consistency.
    With Journyz, team leads can create detailed productivity playbooks for specific goals. These are a set of small actions that employees need to do consistently, to make sure they are on track to achieve the business goals.
    With Journyz, team leads can create detailed productivity playbooks for specific goals. These are a set of small actions that employees need to do consistently, to make sure they are on track to achieve the business goals.



    We are what we repeatedly do.
    Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

    -Attributed to Aristotle


    On the Journyz app, these playbooks are accessible on fingertips, and it’s easy to log actions as the team keeps doing them. Creating journyz that feature challenges can drive some friendly competition and hence better performance. Even for team leads, tracking performance and publicly recognizing great performance becomes very easy.

    By making the whole process simplified and gamified on a single platform, employees stop treating consistent action as a chore, and are instead genuinely engaged in it. And that’s what drives productivity and business results.


    The Journyz app makes it easy to do it on-the-go.



    So, you have


    Engaged employees working as one team


    Playbooks to engage and ensure consistently productive behaviour, on an easy to access platform


    Defined, actionable and measurable set of actions to achieve larger goals


    It's the play that helps us do serious things better.

    -Daniel Debow Salesforce SVP


    Points, Leaderboards and Achievements make it sweeter



    Every single one of these are critical elements that will have significant business impact, and are required by every department. And Journyz is able to bring all of this together onto a single platform, saving your the effort of pulling in or coordinating between different tools and systems.


    To win in the marketplace you should first win in the workplace.

    -Douglas Conant


    So, ready to explore how you can generate employee engagement ROI within your organization?