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  • Employee Engagement Ideas: How to Get It Right


    Employees perform better when they are engaged and valued in their organization. And this realization has led to organizations deploying employee engagement solutions to improve their engagement levels. Be it improving the employee experience, or providing them effective training programs, or using technology innovations to boost engagement, companies are coming up with several such employee engagement ideas.

    The year 2019 is expected to see a 45% increase in employee engagement spending by businesses. And while you strive to be one among them, take a look at our list of twelve ideas that can help you do it right:Employee Engagement Ideas

    The Journyz platform is a great place to engage employees and help them navigate through change. Features like Townhall, Ideas, and other campaign initiatives can help open lines of communication, and make the transformation into a fun process. Take a look at our Journyz platform and the employee engagement solutions it has to offer.