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  • How to Keep the Engagement Momentum Going in April


    With the first quarter already out of the way, we are sure you have much more clarity on the goals and plans for this year. April is also the best time of the year to get invested in your employees, as this will make them vested in the company. So why not indulge in some employee engagement fun activities in office, and keep that fun vibe going?

    We have put together a list of some of the great days in April, and how you can use these as an opportunity for your teams to Act As One.

    1st April - April Fool’s Day

    Starting off the month with a little fun. How about a callout for the best April Fool prank ideas across your teams? And voting for the best item!

    The team which gets the most votes will get interviewed by internal communications, and get to share with the rest of the company a little bit about themselves and what makes their team great.

    Next, you can also make April a special month for employees across various job groups.

    4th April, Global Day of the Engineer

    Have a virtual demo day where the engineers get to show off some cool stuff they are proud of. You can also ask your engineering teams to share their Murphy’s law stories, and give an award to the person with the best story. The tech teams get to vote on the best story.

    16th April, Bean Counters day

    Organize a team event for the accounting group to take their mind off of taxes.

    24th April, Admin Professionals Day

    Create a journyz for admin appreciation, and ask people to share a note of thanks, or a cool story about their admins.

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    You also have some important days get your employees rallied around.

    2nd April, Equal Pay Day

    Get a focus group of women employees and get their feedback on work and pay. This is valuable information for you to have.

    Financial Literacy Month

    Organize an event to help employees with financial literacy or give volunteering opportunities to your teams for bringing financial literacy to the community.

    18th April, Get to Know Your Customers Day

    Have a ‘customer week’ highlighting the customer stories so that everyone in the company gets to know about the customers. You can also have the customers come in and speak to your employees.

    25th April, Take Your Kids to Work Day

    Encourage your employees to bring their kids to work. Organize events, talks and fun activities for them. You can use Journyz to do some icebreaker activities, and get feedback from your employees before and after the event.

    28th April, Pay it Forward

    Ask your employees to share their ‘Pay it forward’ activities, and recognize the team or office that touched the most lives.

    29th April, Dance Day

    There's so much you can do with this! A journyz asking your teams you share their best or funniest dance videos. Or take a trip to a charity organization where teams can perform to raise money.

    So that was about all the fun days in April. Take your pick, and celebrate! 

    Using the Journyz platform can help you organize and celebrate these activities in simple ways. Have fun planning them and let us know how it goes, in the comments below.

    Not on Journyz yet? No worries, you can get on Journyz in less than the time it took you to read this article. You can try out Journyz with a small team, and see what it’s all about!

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