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  • Why Employee Engagement is the Key to Adapting to Change

    This happens in a galaxy where we reside in - all the time.

    All companies big and small have a common enemy - CHANGE. Everyone constantly is bombarded by change, especially now when innovative technology is disrupting every single industry. But all companies have a secret weapon that they are not thinking about to combat change - their employees.

    I got a chance to talk about this and share how employees can be an organization's best bet to adapt to change, at the Kellog Reunion.



    Now, to make this happen you really need to change their leadership styles. The traditional practices of leading from the front, top down hierarchy has to change. The rules of engagement need to change. You need to be able to tap into employees talents and passions and create connectivity in the company to create business agility.

    To tap into employees , you really need to cut through the various silos that exist in the company and also the noise that exists where employees are hit with so much information from so many directions.

    Journyz is a web and mobile platform that enables companies and teams to Act As One and amplify engagement towards goals organically and sustainably. The platform's unique value proposition is the ability to sync communications, actions, accountability tracking, feedback and recognition, analytics and insights into custom playbooks that you can apply to achieve any type of organizational objective.