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  • Amping Up the Engagement in March


    There’s always a bunch of days each month that you think are worth celebrating. But that’s the thing with days - you can see them coming from a mile off, but forget all about them as the date gets closer. Think about all those birthdays or anniversaries you forgot!

    So we thought we’d put together a quick list of all the days you need to celebrate in office, you know, to keep that fun vibe going. So let’s get started with some fun employee engagement activities :

    1st March - Employee Appreciation Day

    Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to keep a good thing going. A few words of appreciation for a job done well or a great idea shared always works wonders. And it doesn’t just motivate the person who receives the appreciation, but also others around them.

    So here’s what you can do on the Journyz platform - Add a new journey to the News and Updates section. employee engagement activities in office

    • Create a new journey 
    • Put in a message of appreciation for one of your employees 
    • Encourage others to add their shout outs and messages for their team mates
    • Add images, comments and more
    • Share the collage with the team, internally and in social media

    That’s it, a very simple way to share your appreciation and gratitude, across the team through fun employee engagement activities in office. And hey, bringing some treats in doesn't hurt either!

    8th March - Women’s Day

    With organizations focussing on improving gender diversity and ensuring equal opportunities, this is an important day to have on the calendar. 

    And even if you don’t do a huge event, you can still do a few easier things to spark and acknowledge important conversations around the topic.

    Here are a few ideas:

    • Put up a post in the News and Updates section, reminding your team to wish the women in their organization, as well as their clients
    • Start a journyz and ask people to give a shout out to their female colleagues, share what they admire about the women they work with
    • Do a quick poll on Journyz, on what specific changes can be introduced in office, that would solve a problem for the women in the team
    • A town hall meeting with a panel of women leaders and keep that town hall going for the entire week and give opportunities for your distributed team to participate and ask questions. Also, make sure that the questuions are answered to ensure continued engagement!

    10th March - International Day of Awesomeness

    This is a fun one, right! You could definitely go all out and have a party, that would be awesome. If you want to keep things low key and yet have some fun, you could:

    • Bring in some treats and post fun pictures on the Journyz social feed.
    • Do a poll on “What makes us awesome?”
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    11 March - Workplace Napping Day

    Encourage your team to not have meetings from 12 to 1:30 PM, so they can have a few minutes to recover from spring forward to DayLight savings.

    13th March - Good Samaritan Day

    19th & 20th March - International Earth Day

    Activities like volunteering or working for a cause often tend to have a domino effect. A few people do it, share the experience, and others feel like pitching in as well. And you can get that whole process started on the Journyz platfom

    • Create a “Pay It Forward” journey
    • Encourage your team to share posts and images of their volunteering work, and how that impacts the community
    • Create a collage of pictures, experiences and the sheer hours of time people have to put it. It is definitely somethng to celebrate and shout out from the roof tops!

    14 March 2018 - Ask a Question Day

    employee engagement activities in office

    Encourage employees to ask questions and have the leaders answer them. You easily do that on the Journyz platform through group chats or even quick pings.

    Besides these, there’s Client’s Day on 19th March and you and send out a quick reminder to your team to take some time to connect with their clients. Just to take stock of the engagement, or even catch up beyond the work. Now imagine if you ask for folks to brings suggestions back from your customers and even better, have your leaders get back to them? or how about pool the feedback together and create a common response from the company back to your customers addressing their concerns? Now that is customer engagement too!

    Then there’s “Chip and Dip Day” and and “Purple Day” on 23rd and 26th March respectively. Both are great opportunities to have some fun bringing in food or wearing purple clothes, and posting it all on the social feed.

    So that’s our round-up of all the fun days in March. Of course, you can take your pick of which ones you want to celebrate. But even if you decided to do all of them, the Journyz platform lets you do that in simple ways.

    Hope you have fun planning these days. And let us know in the comment below, how that goes.

    Not on Journyz yet? No worries, you can get on Journyz in less than the time it took you to read this article. You can always try out Journyz with a small team, and see what it’s all about!

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