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  • Dear Joe, Here are some tips on an antidote to Social Distancing

    Dear Joe,

    Yes, we get it! Social Distancing does not help with morale and productivity. Use these Journyz features to rally your teams.

    Joe,  you have a lot on your shoulders. Try these new features to make your job easier. Let our 'crowdsolving' techniques take a load off your shoulder!

    Here are 4 quick tips to use Journyz to keep the team engaged and productive with minimal effort on your side.

    1. Broadcast feature. You can turn on the broadcast feature in Journyz to quickly get your team informed on what is new and send them quick messages to assure them that they are top of mind. For e.g. 'It's midweek and things are a little crazy, but hang in there, we are a strong company'.

    2. Reactions: Use the reactions feature to take a quick pulse check on what the team is thinking. You can do this in conjunction with the Broadcast feature. E.g. 'Does anyone have concerns about our new shipping policy? . Canned Responses can be 'I am good', 'I have a concern'. 'No, but our competitors are doing something cooler'.

    3. Create a Corona 'war room' in Journyz with information for everyone, resources, and place for people to share what they are seeing.

    4 Think of a fun challenge for next week: After the first week of the new normal is done and when everyone is settling in, introduce a gamified virtual contest - some examples - photography, Ideas for work from home etiquette, Ideas for changing your company processes, you choose. This will help you 'crowd-solve' or 'crowd-source' from your team, helping them to feel part of the solution and will take a load off from your shoulders.

    We are planning to set up virtual office hours via Facebook live to start next week and we will keep you posted. We will go through various tips and tricks during the FB live. We will discuss more strategies to get the teams to help themselves more, but still have the visibility on what is happening. You can like our FB page to get notified when we go live.

    In the meantime, if you would like quickly chat, please feel free to set up 15-30 minutes on my calendar and we can walk you through everything. MEETING SETUP LINK

    We know these are crazy times for all of us, Joe, and we are here to support you with your team engagement and productivity needs.

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