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  • Beyond the Paycheck!

    Free food, unlimited paid vacations, health and fitness routines, in-house child care centers, are but a dream for most employees. However, today, a lot of companies have made this a reality.

    A recent survey done by Glassdoor reports that more than a third of job seekers mentioned ‘perks’ as their top consideration before taking up a new job. Companies all around the world invest in their employees and offer surprising perks. No, they aren’t limited to healthcare, concierge service and pension anymore. Every company competes to offer more, to engage the best of their employees and get them excited for the daily grind.

    Here's a quick list of some cool perks offered by some of the best companies worldwide -

    1. SC Johnson & Son


    Doesn't it feel great when your daily errands are taken care of, as you work through your tasks? Indeed!
    SC Johnson & Son, provides an on-site concierge to do your monotonous daily chores. Birthdays are seldom forgotten, as flowers and packages are sent. Why, they even save you painful trips to the grocery stores, help you pick cheap car insurances from a wide variety of available choices, service your cars and get your oil changed, on time. The best part is, the janitors stand through long queues and pick your favorite concert tickets. With such luxury, people love SC Johnson and Son and happily enjoy their leisure, pursuing activities they enjoy doing!

    2. Netflix


    Netflix makes life a lot easier for new parents. They offer a generous one-year paternity and maternity leave scheme.
    Wait, there is more. They offer free lunches, unlimited vacations and you get to watch the latest Netflix movies and shows in a cozy 200-person theater on-site. When the CEO takes a 6 week long vacation and encourages employees to vacation out, you see the balance right there at the top. That attitude resonates deep down and all employees celebrate working at NetFlix.

    3. Starbucks


    Starbucks, just does not specialize in creating trendy blends, but have revolutionized the perks being offered to employees. All employees enjoy weekly freebies, ranging from a pound of their favorite coffee blend or a box of their favorite Tazo tea. They let employees pursue education and support their tuition costs. The employees are not chained to Starbucks and are free to move on, once they graduate. They created a customized perk system for every employee, called "The Special Blend", that offers a bouquet of benefits ranging from extensive healthcare, bonuses and adoption assistance. The feeling of just getting something customized for you is superlative. Starbucks, simply makes every employee feel important!

    4. Deloitte


    A two week paid vacation is sometimes just not sufficient to rejuvenate and recover from the everyday humdrum. Deloitte offers its employees, a one month sabbatical, to do just about anything. Sometimes, you don't need to go hiking. You could just take a month off and laze in your couch, chewing on pop corn, binge watching on Netflix and then get back to work seamlessly!
    They also let employees take a three to six month partially paid leave to pursue personal or professional growth opportunities. A volunteering opportunity in Africa? Sure!

    5. Scotttrade


    The St.Louis based online investing firm offers many perks, including tuition reimbursements, adoption assistance, a comprehensive health coverage, tax advantaged accounts etc.
    In addition, Scottrade also offers the quirkiest perk that beats the rest of the world, hands down. Employees move around in search of jobs. However, things differ at Scotttrade. The firm considers opening new branches in an area an employee is moving to. According to Fortune magazine, Scottrade has opened 20 offices for employees. In one instance, an employee moved twice, to Georgia and Florida, and Scottrade opened offices in both locations.
    Why would one want to move, when the organization moves with you?

    Intangibles matter equally, if not more. For most employees, it is often the workplace culture and employee benefits that go a long way in bringing in a sense of contentment and joy, during those long work hour days. A happy employee is a motivated employee. Pamper your employees, because happy employees can make wonders.