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  • BLM best practices for companies, individuals and teams

    Here are ways in which companies, individuals and teams can make BLM part of their business practice

    Create a BLM repository with information that can be accessed by everyone Read and educate yourself on issues Create an environment of trust and openness where discussions can happen
    Encourage inclusion events - and include everyone Participate - listen and engage Engage in conversations from a perspective of humility, humanity, curiosity, and openness - with people that agree and disagree with you
    A confidential survey of the company to ask people their feedback on race impacts in the company Participate in the survey Encourage everyone to participate
    Suggestion contest on process and policy improvements in the company to address biases Examine their work process and look for systemic biases Open discussions on 'what needs to change'
    Celebrate ideas and select a few for implementation Signup for leadership roles in implementing changes Incorporate 'bias review' as part of the operational process
    Empower and fund the Enterprise resources groups to come up with impactful actions items and implement them Join ERG's and leadership roles and be allies Incorporate team level events and participation, implement these operationally