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  • 7 Thank You's for '17

    This has been a tremendous year for our company, Zinda.xyz - and for me personally. The first year where the word entrepreneur is falling off the tongue easily, the safety net is gone, and plans C, D, and B are the same as plan A. Throughout this year there have been so many people who have been integral in shaping Zinda to the present form. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring us every day.
    In no particular order, here they are.

    The Well-wishers

    Thank you for asking how things are going, providing your thoughts and feedback; testing the product with us. Knowingly or unknowingly you have solved little or big things that had been bugging us, at times, simply by offering a fresh set of eyes. Your experience in your industries, and more importantly, your experience as human beings help us continue making ourselves better.

    The Coaches

    Thank you for patiently coaching us to recover from our mistakes and avoid them if possible, for gifting us your life and business lessons and helping us think through issues from a different perspective. I appreciate the amount of time you have invested in helping us succeed. The human-years worth of mistakes we have avoided because of you is tremendous. Leaves room to make only fresh mistakes - maybe even awesome new ones that no one has ever made before - exciting!

    The Cheerleaders

    Thank you for encouraging us to stay on track and continue persevering. Thank you for talking about Zinda to others and sometimes making the pitch for us. I have sometimes listened in amazement at what you say and wish that I could be as eloquent. Thank you for engaging with us on social media, it feels good to realize that we are not like trees falling in the forest wondering if no one heard us, does it mean that it didn’t happen?

    The Challengers

    Thank you for challenging us and saving us from ourselves. Every time we listen to the challenge, we try to keep our egos at the door because we understand that you are coming from a place of positive intent. Getting the real nuggets out of the challenge will make us a better company and make our product a better product

    The Doubters and Cynics

    Thank you, you make us want to push ourselves to be better. We tell ourselves, in a few years, we will show them how it is done - how you can make the pie bigger, how the world can indeed be a collaborative place, how helping each other and helping the ecosystem grow for everyone is the way to do this, it is not about winning or losing- It is about making our worlds better. And I thank you for keeping the spirit and the fire alive in us.

    The Hackers

    Thank you for solving problems - fast. Finding innovative, clever solutions to the problem at hand, so fast before we can blink makes us thankful that you are on our team. Continue amazing us with your independent and innovative spirit.

    The Connectors

    Thank you for believing in us and opening up your connections to help grow all of us. Your belief that the pie is as big as you can make is an abundance mindset, this helping the entire ecosystem grow and prosper. In the last few months, my eyes have opened up so many possibilities! Thank you!

    The Believers and Blind Followers

    Actually, there is only one in this category. He has been there through thick and thin, brainstorms and late nights, frustrations and pivots. We are considering making him the ‘office dog’. Thank you for your loyalty, companionship through the lonely Journey and for keeping us grounded when things seem crazy. He is what we aspire to be in retirement, in let’s say 100 years.