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  • 7 Reasons why you might not be a Journyz customer


    One of the greatest advice I have gotten as an entrepreneur is that you not only need to know who your customers are, you also need to know who your customers are NOT! 


    Here is our top 7 list of who our customers are NOT

    1. If you THRIVE ONLY under high pressure, ENJOY sleepless nights, REVEL in pulling crazy reporting from 15 sources to understand your progress towards goals and might get withdrawal symptoms if you cannot do these anymore, you are probably not our customer, Call us if that situation changes

    2. If a PROUDLY used phrase at your workplace is ‘This is always the way we have done it’, then it is best that we don’t work together because that will change with Journyz, you will find new ways of doing your work that could create amazing outcomes.

    3. If you have super strong leadership at the top making all decisions, what they say is gospel and the entire company follows, then you will probably hate Journyz because now you will start hearing from all kind of leaders hidden all over your organization

    4. If ‘innovation’ and ‘agility’ are blasphemy in your organization, you ADORE the status quo, you are living in your past glory, please don’t bring us in because we assure you that you will be blaspheming all day long

    5. If you compartmentalize fun and work and are against fun in the workplace for heaven’s sake, stay away from us. This is a warning: People might having a lot of fun at work while being super productive

    6. If you ENJOY an opaque work environment, people are on a need to know basis and you like keeping things close to your chest, don’t even think about Journyz because there will be a lot of visibility, alignments and everyone behaving like owners.

    7. If you got your s*** together and you have everything in order, things work like clockwork, you have great results and super-engaged teams, you don’t need us, as a matter of fact, could you be on our advisory board?

    So, if you don't fit into these categories and want to solve business challenges through daily crowdsolving of your employees, let's catch up?

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