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    Journyz is unlike any platform that you have seen. Traditional software solves simple traditional problems in similar ways. That is why we need so many systems to do different things. At Journyz, we call our configurations ‘playbooks’. Journyz comes with 70+ playbook templates to help you address your needs. And you can customize your own as well to do business the way you do business and wrap-around social. Gamification and AI to get your team’s best performance.



    Communication is key to productive teams, especially if you’re leading a remote/distributed team. Create virtual, collaborative workspaces with Journyz!

    • Share news, updates, information, pictures, videos and more across the organization
    • Direct messages and group conversations
    • Meeting minutes, check-ins
    • Recognize and provide feedback

    Real-time Recognition - Recognize and appreciate great performance, and showcase individual achievements to the entire team. The virtuous cycle of recognition-high morale- higher productivity is awesome. And you don’t have to wait till a month-end appraisal, as you can recognize achievements in real-time.


    To PERFORM, create, and sustain momentum in your organization, whether it is towards fun or productivity, you need everyone to take ACTION. Catalyzer motivates team action through Gamification, Leaderboards, and Achievements.

  • Whether you are doing a sales competition, wellness initiative, innovation challenge or change adoption, Catalyzer really gets it going.
    • Gamification, leaderboards, Achievements
    • Track impactful actions for your stakeholders
    • Make Accountability a fun team sport


    You need to know what is happening in the organization and you can’t do it alone. You need the inputs from everyone, sometimes openly and other times confidentially. This could be feedback on a new product, understanding how to change adoption is working, or even how WFH is coming along during these times. You can schedule open confidential polls and surveys as often as you like and see realtime results and team level analytics. Create visibility for your team and take immediate action with these insights.


    Oftentimes information is siloed in an organization and you have missteps because not everyone does not have access to the right information. With Journyz you can have a central, highly visible insights database. Everyone in the organization has the ability to both contribute and access the database. Whether these are Customer Journeys, Product requests, Innovation ideas, Process Efficiencies, Industry insights,or Competitor insights, you can create views for various groups. You can also create workflows and collaborate across the organization.


    TEvery organization has tasks that need to be managed across teams and even personal tasks. With Journyz you can track items, priorities, assign owners, see unlimited boards including kanban boards.


    Goal management at individual, team, or organization level. Dashboards and scorecards on goal achievement


    Continuous-business-agility - Journyz employee engagement app Journyz works by bringing everything that you and your team need to do, onto one single platform. Whether it’s building a product, or ensuring high performance, or organizing a wellness challenge - each of these diverse goals can be set up and achieved, start to finish, on Journyz.   That’s because every journyz includes the features of communication, action, measurement, recognition, analytics and insights. So from set up, to engagement, to rewarding participants and measuring ROI-all of it can be done on Journyz. No more silos, no more juggling and integrating different tools; just you and your team, acting as one.

    Talking Numbers


    Take our free trial with Journyz Squad. Onboard a small team onto Journyz, set up campaigns for team goals that you want to achieve, watch the transformation. And we'll help you set things up so you get the best out of your trial. Ready?