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    What is Gamification?

    Gamification takes the essence of game attributes-- like fun, play, transparency, design, and competition-- and applies these to a range of real-world processes. Game design expert Jane McGonigal looks forward to a time in the near future when the power of games is not only widely used in corporations and organizations but also used to tackle big problems like worldwide poverty and hunger. This is an exciting age because, with the help of technology and gamification, we can harness human potential and use our collective power for good.


    How can Gamification be used in companies for employee engagement?

    What is it about games that attract us? How do they work to capture and channel human attention? How is it that even as we struggle to focus in meetings, we are able to dedicate many focused hours to our favorite online games and crossword puzzles? Increasingly, neuroscientists offer many insights into these questions. For corporations interested in creating more lively, optimistic workplaces, it’s really only important to know that connecting playful activities to shared work goals is an easy and cost-effective way to boost productivity and morale.