Features of Journey


We Are Not Mobile First, Or A.I. First, Or Cloud First Or Social First. We Are All That And More. We Are The Industry First SMAC Platform For Employee Engagement. (What Is SMAC? Learn More..)

Ready To Take A Look Under The Hood?


Journyz is designed with social sharing in mind. You can Like and Comment posts from co-workers, send shout outs, and post photos. Use the available templates to set up ice-breaker campaigns to get to know your team. Use notification features to send auto-generated collages to keep everyone in the loop. Use polling and rating features to gauge progress. Conduct live, interactive Q&A sessions. pany collaboration and campaign management.


Journyz includes a customizable and intuitive gaming interface with Points, Levels, Achievements, and Rewards. Employee actions are showcased via company-wide leaderboards and notifications, enabling programs to go viral.


The Journyz autopilot features provide a low-touch approach to engage employees. Create a year-long calendar of campaigns leveraging a multitude of templates, set up workflows, and set deadlines. Automated email and in-app notifications keep the engagement levels high. Subscribe to public campaigns aligned with company initiatives.

Ease of use

Journyz is designed to create an environment where engagement and participation is so easy, it's second nature. The platform is cloud-based, mobile and secure, enabling instant deployment and user on-boarding. Configurability is a key capability that allows a wide variety of use cases that fit any transformation paradigm.


Journyz is hosted on a high reliability, high availability hyperscale cloud platform with options for rapid deployment on-prem or on private clouds. Enterprise grade security is a cornerstone with options to implement Single Sign On. Employees have a complete mobile experience with IOS and Android support, as well as web app support.


Real-time engagement indicators detect trends and patterns that will guide future transformation initiatives. Informative dashboards and analytics highlight areas of success as well as potential hot spots that may result in costly enterprise-wide systemic challenges if unaddressed.