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    ABC's of Employee Engagement strategies


    Great organizations depend upon people: vibrant, productive people…. People who love their jobs. People who feel that their jobs provide them with a sense of opportunity, community, and satisfaction.

    These employees are  socially engaged and connected to the mission of the company. An engaged workforce is an organization’s greatest asset,  because when people feel a strong sense of connection to their work place, they become the kind of motivated, dedicated, and loyal employees that distinguish great organizations. Studies indicate  that engaged employees results in productivity. profitability, and customer satisfaction

    It also just makes sense that people perform best when they experience their workplace as a space of shared mission that supports everyone to do their best and be their best. And, not surprisingly, when people are thriving and engaged, they have more energy…they are healthier, more creative, and better able to creatively respond to the challenges and demands of their organization.

    Here are the factors that we need to consider while creating a culture of engagement in an organization.